Beauty is contagious đź’•

Here at SJ Beauty we strive to make everyone feel beautiful.

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  • Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is very beneficial in many ways. One of the primary benefits is the moisturizing effect. Our lip gloss are vegan-based infused with coconut oil. Coconut oil prevents chapped lips, protects, and heals.

  • Satin

    All SJ Beauty bonnets and scarfs are made of satin. Satin prevents hair breakage and protects hair from frizz. Helping your favorite hair style last while keeping your hair hydrated.

  • Peppermint Oil

    One of our main ingredients in our stimulating oil is peppermint. Peppermint increases circulation which helps promote hair growth and can prevent some hair loss. Peppermint oil has many benefits leaving hair with a fresh scent and tingly sensation on scalp.

SJ Beauty is a black owned business formed in the 757 Hampton roads area. We have over 33 years of licensed cosmetology experience and knowledge.

Our CEO Shontia was born into the hair industry, she loves the business especially the interaction with her clients and coworkers. Growing up in the salon working side by side with her mother, she has always shown an interest in the hair and beauty profession. Shontia has always been a terrific listener and eager to please her clients. Being passionate about her work she was inspired to strive more each day to come up with solutions to help her client’s hair issues without using chemicals. Therefore SJ Beauty was developed to take your hair on a remarkable healthy hair Journey. Our hair products you will see are all natural ingredients. They will stimulate the scalp, boost blood flow, nourishing the follicles, smooth itchy/dry scalp, help promote hair growth. All headwear are made with a soft satin material to protect the hair from  breakage, drying out, and to protect styles. The vegan based lip glosses infused with coconut oil will help prevent chapped lips while leaving your lips moisturized. The fashionable lip liners helps promote the beauty of your lips……BEAUTY IS CONTAGIOUS!   More to come.